“The tiny acorn seed holds the blueprint of the majestic oak tree.
You are no different.”

Do you feel like you’re stuck and unable to really move forward?

Do you frequently look at others and feel insecure and like you’re falling behind in life?

Do you have a tendency to put other people’s needs first, thus generally neglecting yourself?

Do you find yourself making many choices out of fear?

Do you feel like you’re living out of alignment?

Are you tired of being your worst enemy?

Would you like to improve your relationships in general?

Would you like to develop a more positive mindset?

Would you like to get closer and closer to your higher self?

Could you do with guidance and support to feel more empowered and reach your goals?

How much more could you achieve if you can understand why parts of you seem not to be collaborating?

Can you sense that there’s a power buried deep within you, but you’re just not quite sure how to access it and use it to uplevel your life?
I can help you getting unstuck and access a deep sense of inner peace and self-love. I can guide you developing a healthy and beautiful relationship with yourself, where you make your thoughts and beliefs work FOR YOU, instead of against you. You are the powerful creator of your own life. It’s high time to stop letting life just happen to you, or giving your power away, or self-sabotaging. It’s time to stop wishing things were different and instead actually go out there and make it happen, one step at a time. Let me be by your side guiding you in this most rewarding journey of all.

Here's what some of my clients say...


“I am eternally grateful for Roby’s help.”

My experience working with Roby has been incredibly rewarding. From our first session, her warmth made me feel incredibly comfortable and created an aura of safety. She creates a non-judgmental environment which I love. Working with Roby has been incredibly liberating in this regard.

She taught me the most valuable piece of information – that I am in control of my life, everything is my decision and choice; this resonates with me constantly. I now know to protect myself more and how to work to become connected with myself. I’ve had many lightbulb moments with Roby during our sessions and am eternally grateful for her help.

Despite having seen a variety of therapists/coaches, Roby's insight, intuition, and deep understanding continue to impress me on many levels.

“Life coaching with Roberta has helped me so much and our sessions are always delightful.”

I started my life coaching sessions with Roberta last year with a specific problem to work on. She was a huge help with it and I felt looked after since the very first session. Even if I was not sure which package to pick and whether I needed quick help or a long-term type of coaching, Roberta demonstrated that she can and will help. She gave me valuable advice from the very first session, a proper plan of action, and goals to work towards. We since then have tackled different problems and explored several aspects of my life that I feel I needed help with. Even though there is a learning curve, I have noticed progress, improvement and a positive impact on my life.

Roberta is always cheerful, engaging and approachable. She is an amazing listener, so talking to her feels effortless no matter what issue is at hand.

Her methods are varied and tailored. She suggests different approaches depending on the topic discussed and the same topic can also be tackled using different methods. I love this variety, as it feels that there is always something new to try, to work with. After our sessions I feel empowered, motivated, and energetic.

Roberta also offers different packages to accommodate different needs. I really appreciate this flexibility. There is no obligation for a long-term commitment, which is exactly what I was initially looking for, as I find long-term contracts sometimes constraining and stressful.

Life coaching with Roberta has helped me so much and our sessions are always delightful.



“It has been incredible how Roberta has helped me to explore other options that I was not able to see myself.”

It was an incredible experience to observe and think about my goals in different ways. When we started with the sessions all my goals were very far and seemed impossible to be achieved. After 6 months I am now very close to reach my final goal to become a Pilates instructor. It has been incredible how Roberta has helped me to explore other options that I was not able to see myself. Thank you so much Roberta, I will highly recommend you to whomever I can.

“Roberta is an amazing coach. As long as you have some sense that you'd like to be better, or achieve more, or be happier, you can trust Roberta to help you get there.”

The first thing I'd like to say is that Roberta is an amazing coach. I was lucky enough to have several coaching sessions with her and the results that we were able to produce, I definitely could not have achieved on my own.

One of the things that I liked most about our sessions was that we did not have to stick to a fixed menu. I was able to bring along to the sessions whatever was concerning me that particular week and Roberta was open to spending time on those issues, there was no sense that I had to decide on a topic on week one and stick to it.

So I'd say to anyone considering having coaching with Roberta, don't feel that you need to have a defined topic you want to address. Roberta is skilled enough to be able to tease apart the sorts of issues and concerns that might be stopping you being who you want to be or achieving what you want to achieve. As long as you have some sense that you'd like to be better, or achieve more, or be happier, you can trust Roberta to help you get there.

Some of the attributes that Roberta has that make her a great coach are: She is a great listener. I felt that she “got” and understood everything that I said. She has a great memory; I often found her referring back to things that I'd mentioned in previous sessions. Sometimes these were things I'd even forgotten I'd said! She is forensic in her quest to get to the bottom of an issue. I sometimes came away from our sessions feeling that my brain had been well and truly picked apart. If that sounds in any way negative, it's not meant to be. I mean it to underline how skilled she is at getting me to examine my thinking.

On top of all this Roberta has a great sense of humour and is a person who is full of compassion. Because of this I felt truly safe with her that I could really open myself up.

As a result of the work that I did with Roberta I'm now due to start filming on a project in January that she helped me get up and running. On top of that I have a very different way of looking at some of the issues that I used to feel held me back. I'd also say that I'm now more able to deal with “upsets” or things that go wrong and which in the past would really have gotten to me.

So if this is something that you are considering embarking upon but need a bit of encouragement to get the ball rolling, I'd say “go for it”. The money and time you will be investing in yourself are going to give you results that you just can't get from reading a book or sitting around thinking about things.



"I was able to overcome some procrastination following the sessions."

In her coaching, Roby is empathetic and warm yet gently challenging. She pointed out some uncomfortable truths but was encouraging throughout. She taught me various steps to overcome unhelpful thoughts and to improve wellbeing. And I was able to overcome some procrastination following the sessions. Thank you, Roby!

"With her great questions she helps you shedding light on your dark areas, gifting you with a renewed lightness and smile".

I've been pleasantly surprised since I started my coaching sessions with Roberta, even if some of them were face to face, while she was in Italy, and others on zoom, when she was in London.
She is a creative coach with a great sense of humour, a beautiful warm voice, sensitive to your feelings and emotions, always present and attentive to your needs. With her great questions she helps you shedding light on your dark areas, and with her creative intelligence she guides you in reaching your goals, gifting you with a renewed lightness and smile. Thank you so much, coach Roberta!!



“Roberta is a person that I will carry in my heart. The only thing I can do now is thank her for the gifts she gave me."

Roberta is a person that I will carry in my heart, because with her preparation and kindness she has helped me to understand, among other things, how being positive is a choice!
When I worked with Roberta I was facing one of the darkest times of my life: the loss of a person who was very, very dear to me. I really thought that I would never be able to get back up again and that my smile would never come back. Roberta told me: "Your smile will come back even bigger". And now I can say that she was right, and she was also right when she suggested to stop looking at the world through the "lenses of loneliness" and start using those of "I am loved". Obviously and undoubtedly time plays its fundamental role in the wounds we have to work on, but Roberta, gently, on that occasion reminded me that the self-development, different and personal to each of us, takes place with its own divine timing, and that we all have to give ourselves some credit and follow our bliss.
The only thing I can do now is to thank Roberta for the gifts she gave me, for what she said and for the sprinkle of trust in me, the optimism and positivity she has helped me to find again at a time when never, and I really mean it, would I have thought I could see a glimmer of light.
So, Roberta, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Roberta is a very competent and experienced coach. I would recommend anyone needing direction to consult her as a coach."

Roberta is a very competent and experienced coach. She was very good at challenging me and this is what I needed. She helped me to question my future and at the same time she gave me useful tools to manage the present situation. I value her methods and approach as they helped me to look at myself with more honesty.
She is also a very empathic and an easy person to share private information with; I could trust her completely.

I would recommend anyone needing direction to consult her as a coach.