I’ve always felt a balanced mixture of opposites: quite grounded and practical, yet spiritual and a bit hippy. A lover of stability, yet always eager to get on an adventure. A social butterfly and extrovert who loves spending time alone. Coming from a small Italian village, yet making London her home. I am the professional coach you see here AND the intrepid backpacker who loves elephants. For a portion of my life I felt that I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly who I was, as nothing clearly defined me. When I started seeing life as happening FOR me, and not TO me, I realised that this balanced mixture of opposites is one of my gifts.

It enables me to relate to a lot of what my clients go through, at the same time offering them a wider perspective to look at things from. I learnt that “it’s always you and you”, and that to change any external situations in life you are unhappy with, you have to start working on your inner world. I’ve learnt and still am learning from great masters, I’ve received tons of coaching myself, I’m daily walking the path of inner work, and I have had such shifts in mindset that I am confident will help you look at life in a new way. Ready to embark on this journey with me, to see what more is possible when you go back to your true and more expansive self?


If you’ve read my (oh, so beautiful!) book “Universe, I Trust You” you already know a bit of my story. Or, at least, you know more or less where I was before deciding to put everything aside for three months and go and breathe again.
By the end of 2017 I was basically feeling very stuck, in general. Workwise, much as I enjoyed my career as a linguist which saw me juggling jobs as interpreter, subtitler and voice over artist, I clearly felt that I was meant to do something more useful to the world. I would rationalise this inner voice telling myself that yes, with my interpreting skills I was helping Italians feeling more comfortable when coming to London for medical treatments, and yes, thanks to my subtitling the hard of hearing could enjoy watching movies and TV series. But I knew I was just keeping myself quiet, and I was meant to do something else. Something bigger. I just couldn’t clearly understand what.

I’ve always been told that I have a nice energy. People used to call me Super Roby. Instead, by 2018, I was feeling as if I was running on a constantly low battery. My normal approach to life has always been that of facing challenges, setting up and reaching one objective after the other, being the constant organiser in my social circle, always busy with one thing or another. Such a doer. The typical “independent, strong woman”. And I was still trying to do and be all that, to some extent, pushing harder through the multiple disappointments that I was experiencing in my (quite disastrous) dating life, or in the friendships where I felt not understood and misunderstood. Other major personal painful issues contributed to my feeling really down, unhappy with my life, even if everything seemed ok on the outside. I touch on them in my book and I name them here just so you know that I can probably relate to a lot of your pain: being close to someone with an addiction, and embarking alone in the world of fertility treatments. A proper shit show, as you may see. A shit show I’m so grateful for, in hindsight, because it’s from our worst breakdowns that we can have our best breakthroughs.
I was feeling confused about what I wanted, unsure on how to move forward, sad, with no real motivation, a bit hopeless, tired of investing time and energy in people who did not really see me. Adventure and freedom being among my top values, and seeing that counselling was not helping me that much (it was possibly making me feel a bit worse as it was bringing to my awareness more and more problems), I decided to take my backpack and go alone to Asia for three months.

For three months I could just solely focus on myself. No one to please, no plans to stick to, no expectations. Just me and my curiosity to try new things, stretch myself out of my comfort zone, journaling daily about what was happening, reflecting on my London life from a more detached perspective. And understanding that if I was the common denominator in all those situations I was unhappy with, it meant that I was causing them to some extent. Even simply by allowing them to continue. And that I needed to work on myself and change. The physical journey in Asia was mirrored inside by several spiritual and mental shifts, facilitated by a few books on self-development I read while on the road. I came back from that trip with so much inner space and faith in my resources and capabilities, with the unshakeable belief that the Universe always has our back and is abundant by default, if only we trust It, and that to change your world you just need to change the lens through which you look at it.

I also came back with a vision that I had had towards the end of my silent Vipassana meditation retreat (incidentally, one of the most "mind-blowing" experiences ever). Three letters written as a graffiti on a wall: NLP. I had to wait the last day of the retreat, when they gave me my mobile back, to check what this acronym meant.
Neuro-linguistic programming. I had never heard of it, but all of a sudden I felt as if the fog had lifted from my road ahead. For a linguist like me, who has always had such a deep connection with words, and who has always been listening to friends, providing advice and mentoring, it made perfect sense. This was going to be my road ahead: I could help people through communication, active listening, holding space for them, sharing what has worked for me. And my creative mind and slightly irreverent personality could help them open up their horizon and see more of what it is possible for them.
While researching where to study this NLP that had popped up in my mind when I was so connected to my intuition, I stumbled upon a free introductory weekend to life coaching.

When I sat in that hotel room on that Saturday of August 2018, I had no idea that just two hours later I would be completely sold to the idea of coaching, feeling clearly that I had found my call. Even less I could imagine how my life was going to change at all levels.
From there, it’s been years of intense studying. I committed to years of reading, learning, workshops, podcasts, courses, masters, coaching and painful growth. The more I stepped into this fascinating world, the more I wanted to know. I took the Personal Performance Diploma first, then the NLP Practitioner one, and at the time of writing I am currently studying to get a Master Coach qualification at Elementum. I couldn’t get enough of courses: self-mastery, relationships, communication, anxiety coaching, confidence coaching, positive psychology, trauma, emotions, attachment styles, inner child, getting a more and more spiritual outlook on everything.
More importantly, I did the work. It didn’t happen over night. There were ups and downs (and there still are! Hello, I’m beautifully human), but I mastered my mindset and transformed my inner world.
I am here to offer all this help to you. Not only at a theoretical level, but because I have embodied all that. Ultimately, I can only take my clients where I myself have been. I have tried on myself all the techniques and tools of my coaching toolbox. Thanks to this integrity and my empathic approach I can hold a safe, loving and understanding space where you can have a deeper look at your emotions, get clarity on what you want and take steps towards that version of yourself that has been trying to get your attention for a long time. It is time to make it emerge. Let me support you in this fascinating journey.